There are many different sites that allow you to create an avatar or yourself or a made up character.
Students can build or create avatars and write stories about their adventures.

Lego Me: http://www.reasonablyclever.com/mini/
Another Lego Avatar site: http://www.reasonablyclever.com/mm2/mini2.swf
There are directions on the site about saving your avatar. You will be taking a screen shot of it. Once you take a screen shot of it, you can insert it into a document or use it in movies, VT, etc.


Build Your Wild Self: http://www.buildyourwildself.com/
After you add the animal parts, you are given information about what those parts do. You can print your avatar. You can also take a screen shot of it to save it to your computer. Once you take a screen shot of it, you can insert it into a document or use it in movies, VT, etc.
My Avatar Editor: http://www.myavatareditor.com/
These look similar to the Wii avatars. When you finish making this avatar, you can click on the save button to export it as a .jpg to your desktop. There is no account needed for this site.
(My 5 year old son created this one all by himself.)


Doppel Me: http://www.doppelme.com/
Create an avatar. You can get an account so that you have more choices, but you can still create an avatar without an account. You can take a screenshot of the avatar when you are finished.


Portrait Avatar Maker: http://avatarmaker.abi-station.com/index_en.shtml
An avatar can be created and dowloaded with no account. Lots of choices.


Avatar Photo: http://avatar.pho.to/
This site allows you to take a picture and edit it to create an avatar or add effects to it. You do not need an account. You can upload any pictures. You can also click on share when you are finished to get an embed code. That way it can be used on a website or Wikispace.

You can also do a slide show effect with 5 pictures.

All images of Benjamin Franklin are public domain from www.wikipedia.org.

Meez: http://www.meez.com/
This would be for teachers to create an avatar, not for the students. It takes a while to set one up and you must create an account to save.
You can get on and go to Avatars -> MeezMaker to try it out.
*You may to use Safari for this one.*

Face your Magma: http://faceyourmanga.com/welcome.htm
Once you create your avatar, you will put in your email so they can email the finished product to you.
This does not mean that you are creating an account.