Students actually make a picture "talk." It could be a picture of a person, animal or an object.

It could even be a drawing. They could report about something or someone or tell a story.

Be sure that you follow copyright laws when choosing pictures. Pictures that are Public Domain can be used. Be sure to cite where the picture was found. You can cite in the summary section when saving it or you can cite within the recording.

You will need an account. It is quick, easy and free. You can also create an account for your class to use because there can be multiple people logged in under one account. If you do this, you will need to monitor their "projects." You may want to change the password when they are done working so that they cannot access it at home. Do not allow students to browse the gallery of Blabbers. A Blabber must be completely done before saving it. You cannot return to add to it. They can be embedded on your webpage (Go to Share it.), but they cannot be saved to a disc.

  • Do not close the lid while working on a Blabber.
  • Students must speak clearly and loudly.

Examples of student Blabberize projects:

Digital Story (grade 3) Stories written from a dog's point of view:

Chick Hatching Info/Story:

Original Short Stories:

Summary of story:

Explorer report:



Photosynthesis Raps: