Comic Life
Students can retell stories in sequence and tell about their favorite part.
Examples of the four different types of sentences

Students could take a picture of themselves and type their answer for the LEQ or UEQ.
There are many templates that could be used for graphic organizers, such as a Frayer.
Have the Parts of the Plant tell about their jobs.

Other ideas for Comic Life:
Getting to know new students at the beginning of the year(about me, goals for year, looking forward to...)
Reflections at the end of the year(what we learned, activities we enjoyed, goals for future...)
Sequencing events(everyday events or story events)
Illustrating math story problems
Finding examples of math in the real world(multiplication, shapes,fractions, etc.)
Book Reports
Web to organize writing ideas
Report about person, place, animal, or concept
Cause and Effect
Making predictions about stories
This is a packet created by Lisa Marszelak to use with book buddies. You can change it and use it for your purposes: