Connecting Classrooms

Please visit my Going Global in the Elementary Classroom workshop page to learn more about why it is important to connect students with others outside their classrooms. On the workshop page, you will also find ways to connect with others and projects in which you could participate. This page will show examples of ways that we are connecting our classrooms to others using a variety of resources and WEB 2.0 tools. SkypeSkype is an amazing tool. It allows teachers and student to connect easily with others. Teachers can share ideas, lessons, resources, etc. Students can meet other students virtually. They can interact, ask and answer questions, learn about other places and collaborate on projects. It is free and easy to use.
Storybird is a collaborative storytelling tool. Students are able to create stories using the illustrations of artists. The stories can be shared between classes and students. The finished stories can be embedded on websites and wikis so that others can read them.