Delicious is a free social bookmarking service where thousands of people store their bookmarks. Members can access bookmarks from any computer, share bookmarks with others and search for specific content.

Link to our Delicious bookmarks:

Creating a Delicious account:
Use FireFox
Click here and then click join now. You will need to sign up through Yahoo.

Step 1: Information

Step 2: Importing Bookmarks
This will import all the sites that you ever bookmarked in Firefox. You can do this if you would like to, but you will have to go back and tag them.

Step 3: Buttons
You should use the buttons so that you can easily access your bookmarks and tag new sites.

These are the buttons.↓

To display your tag cloud on your webpage:
Go to settings -> Blogging -> Tag Rolls -> Copy HTML Code

What People think about teachers using Delicious:
Teachers in the same dept, grade, or who teach the same class can bookmark sites, network, and use common tags (eg 4thGradeMath)
I like it because you can access all your bookmarks and keep adding more when you are away from your home computer.
If your computer crashes, you don't loose all your bookmarks if you use Delicious
I like that I can tag a link w/ a friend's username & the link shows up in their account as a suggestion next time they log in.
reasons to use Delicious=online bookmarks, linked bookmark libraries, searchable bookmarks away from your computer...
I use it in conjunction with tags and RSS feeds to quickly obtain links to resources.
I use it like my own personal search engine!
Kind of "netrekker" like-- "vetted" sites, the network (see what others found), ease of use....

*Thanks to my friends on Twitter for all these great ideas!