A Glog is like an online poster. Students can be creative by using graphics, photos, videos, music and text
to create Glogs. Students can create pictures/diagrams/graphs in other programs such as Kidspiration and use them in their Glogs. They can also take photos of their original drawings to display in their Glog.

Teachers can sign up to get an educator's account. Then you can add your students. They will have their own account. The company will send you user names and passwords for them. They do NOT need an email in order to have an account.

Glogs can be easily embedded on your classroom website or a Wikispace.

A link to an amazing tutorial about how to use Glogster. This was create by Traci Blazosky:
A link to a Glogster Wiki by JamieLynn Griffith. This is packed with resources and examples:

Student Samples
Planet reports(gr.5):

Colonial Life reports(gr. 5):

Animal reports(gr. 3):