Create an avatar of yourself and give it a voice. You can create one avatar and then change the voice recording. The Voki can be embedded on your website.

You must create an account before you make the Voki and be sure to click on publish when you finish.

If you have trouble recording using the microphone on your computer, you can type in your cell phone number. They will call you immediately and you can record over the phone.

Be aware that if you have a Voki posted on your website, students and others can make comment Vokis. You will receive an email from Voki if anyone leaves a comment. If you receive an email, be sure to review the comments that are made.

A Voki could be used to:
give students directions
tell information about the day
get their attention to kick off a new unit or lesson
ask questions

Click play for directions to make your own Voki.

Get a Voki now!

Get a Voki now!